Texas Country Musician Neal McCoy Has Now Done the Pledge of Allegiance Over 2,000 Days in a Row on Facebook Live

neal mccoy 2,000th pledge of allegiance on facebook live

The East Texas native and country music legend has been doing this daily since 2015.

Yesterday Neal McCoy hit a massive milestone, he conducted his 2,000th pledge of allegiance on a Facebook live stream – that’s more than most of us have probably done the pledge of allegiance our entire lives. He immediately followed it up with the Natioanl Anthem. His video has been viewed 115,000 times so far.

Watch it here:
Editor’s note: Facebook is blocking the embed at the moment, if you do not see the video below you can watch it by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/nealmccoymusic/videos/168077325304081/

Why is he doing all of this? Why is Neal so patriotic? According to KLTV ABC channel 7 in Tyler, TX it all comes down to his momma who was born and raised in the Phillipines. He said she found the pledge of allegiance important and would tell him stories about how little she had growing up in her home country and what little freedoms she grew up with.

“Its a way of showing how much I respect our flag and love our country” – Neal McCoy

Born in 1958 out in Jacksonville, TX Neal rose to fame during the 1990’s with songs like “Wink” and “No Doubt About It” and had an album go platinum. His patriotism he says is not political (seriously why would being patriotic require a political party?) but comes from his father a Korean War veteran who met his mom in the Phillipines. At age 62 he is still performing professionally and has been doing concerts he calls “Karaoke Kickin’ Corona Concerts” out of his truck throughout the pandemic.

Before the milestone of 2,000 Neal McCoy performed one of his small pandemic concerts for fans, the pledge and National anthem start around minute 34.

See more videos, the daily pledge of allegiance, and more on Neal McCoy’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nealmccoymusic/

Featured image a compilation of screenshots from Neal McCoy’s Facebook video