Write For Us

Have a story about Texas you would love to tell? Love writing about Texas events, food, people, and businesses? If you’re a good or great writer we would love to have you contribute to our website.

Question: Do you charge a publication fee?
Answer: No, we pay our staff writers or accept high-quality contributed content from the Texas community.

Question: Can I become a frequent guest contributor and only write about my business / non-profit / clients?
Answer: Yes we welcome regular guest contributors. No, we do not accept writers that have a conflict of interest in the stories they wright. This incldues SEOs, PRs, and Non-profit managers. We do however, welcome pitches from these entities to our staff writing team.

What We Ask:

  1. No promotions – If you want to write about something you are promoting, that is not allowed. That goes for SEOs, marketers, PRs, etc… Our website is about quality unique content for Texans without bias.
  2. Must be About Texas – Your story must be about Texas and must fall in one of our categories including Life (things Texans can do to live their life), Food (delicious Texas food and recipes), Sports (Texas athletes and coaches doing awesome things), Texans (highlighting the giving nature and amazing things Texans accomplish), Business & Tech (amazing business and tech news), Culture (history, honky tonks, etc…), Outdoors (nature and animals). The Interviews category and The Best category are currently only contributed to by our staff writers.
  3. No Politics, No Activism, No Religion, No Division – Our site is about unity and Texas pride, content along these lines usually divides folks insted of bringing them together. If you submit an article where any of these are even a small part of the story it will likely get rejected.
  4. Unique Conent – Your submitted content must be unique and not duplicated anywhere else. While you are the author the copyrigths immediately transfer to us upon publication.
  5. High-Quality Content – Your submitted article must be deemed to be high-quality. For our site this means it must tell the entire story and not leave anything out, written in good English grammar, and contain imagery or social media embeds that help the story.
  6. Image Attribution – Your article must appropriately attribute all images used (not embedded content) to their source. Image attribution is placed in the footer in italics and below an HTML HR tag.
  7. Featured Image – You must supply a high-quality featured image exactly sized to 750 width x 450 height. This can be a screenshot, two photos aligned next to each other with a small 2 pixel white line separating them, or a scaled down free photo from places like Unsplash or Pexels. Articles without a featured image will not be published and we will not supply an image for you.
  8. Links – Please link to any content that enhances your story. If we have related content on our site we ask that you incldue one or two crosslinks to that content. Our editorial team reserves the right to remove any links for any reasons but especially those suspected of linking to malware or spam websites or those for which the author was paid to include.

What You Get:

  1. Author bio – Below each article you contribute you are able to fill in a bio about yourself including links to your social media accounts and one link to a website of your choice.
  2. Huge audience – Our content is distributed via our Facebook page, Email newsletter, and Twitter account reaching over 150,000 Texans and growing daily. Most of our contributor articles get anywhere from 65,000 to 295,000 reads with nearly all of them being from current Texas residents.

How to Pitch Us a Story for PR Agencies, SEOs, Content Marketers, Publicists, etc…

  1. Free Pitch – Right now you can pitch us one story per month for free by messaging our Facebook page: facebook.com/texasislife. When submitting your free pitch please note we will require you to adhere to the categories under “Must Be About Texas” above and you must mention in your message this Write For Us page.
  2. Pitch Subscription – For pitching multiple stories each month please ask us about a Pitching Texas subscription. Your Pitching Texas subscription gives your agency unlimited story pitching access to our editorial team AND we will always tell you the disposition of your pitch and give you any notes to make sure your future pitches are accepted and turned in to stories

Our editorial team reserves full rights to reject any pitch.

Question: Do you read any Press Release service?
Answer: No, most press release services are filled with spam and uninteresting stories. It takes our editorial team too long to sift through this and find great stories for us to cover so we no longer use any of the major press release services.

Question: How much is a Pitching Texas subscription?
Answer: Right now we charge $1,000 / month paid annually ($12,000). Our subscription system is handled by Stripe and will automatically renew until cancelled.

Question: How does the Pitching Texas subscription work?
Answer: Once your agency purchases a subscription you will be asked to fill out a form. This form data along with the account you created to pay for your subscription will be used to create a CUSTOM pitch for your agency to use. This custom pitching form will be assigned to your agency and accessible only by your user account. When you send a pitch to our team through this form to goes directly to our editorial team and in most cases you will know if we are going to cover your story within 24 hours.

Question: With a Pitching Texas subscription can we write the story for you?
Answer: In your pitch you can recommend verbiage, story structure, points to highlight, and quotes to use. You may even write a ‘rough draft’ of what you believe the story should look like. However, our editorial team always has full control and will rewrite the story in their own words following our guidelines.