Howdy Texas!

We’re Texas is Life. A collection or writers, artists, business owners, and normal every day Texans who love our great state. We built this brand after discovering the Russian owned pages that were trying to divide Texans back in 2016 and seeing how atrocious many Texas news websites were in regards to Texas news coverage, sensational political content, and the overall reader experience.

Are you tired of news websites with subscriber gates?
With tons of ads that nearly cover the entire screen?
With those auto-playing videos?
That are owned by yankees up in New York or over in California?

Yeah, we don’t do any of that here.

βœ… We’re based in Texas
βœ… We pledge to keep a Low Advertising Footprint
βœ… We’ll never use auto-playing videos on our site with audio (it’s just rude ya know)

Our goal is simple: Highlight the absolute best of Texas. That means no crime, no politics, no social activism, no debates – just great Texas news, people, places, and businesses.

We’re also building a whole new model of journalistic media. Our revenue comes largely from readers like you who buy our Texas themed shirts or other Texas themed things from our shop.

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About Our Mission

Our mission is to provide great news about Texas and hilarious memes on social media all while having:

🚫 NO subscriber gates
🚫 NO bloated advertising
🚫 NO politics
🚫 NO social activism
🚫 NO fake news

How Can I Support Your Mission?

We’d love to have the support of our fellow Texans. Here’s how you can show your support:

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