Editorial Guidelines

The following are the guidelines we follow when determining what content to publish on our website.

1. We strive to focus on the positive aspects of Texas, the people who call her home, the natural beauty and wonderful places, and the businesses that drive our economy and keep Texas a global leader.

2. Because our goal is to spread happiness, joy, and Texas pride, we rarely discuss politics here unless it’s something that might be comical or more bland and informational. We don’t take sides in a political or social debate, we don’t allow our writers to inject political opinions into stories, and our publication will never publish a list of politicians we think you should vote for.

3. We don’t sell links for you to try and game Google or Bing, we don’t sell Facebook posts, we don’t sell Instagram posts, we don’t sell Twitter tweets, and we don’t allow clearly promotional content to be posted on our site.

4. We do allow guest contributors to post content to our site. Our guest contributors are thoroughly vetted for a few factors: 1. They must be Texans either by birth, currently living in Texas, or having lived here and moved abroad. 2. They must contribute content they wish to contribute, not content they have any conflict of interest in contributing.

5. We do allow sponsored content to be posted here. Our editors will determine if that sponsored content is then a fit for our social media audiences or our email newsletters. Sponsored content will be clearly marked on the page, all outbound links will use a ‘nofollow’ attribute, and will be marked with advertising hashtags or other tagging on social media if/when shared.

6. Our article titles are meant to be entertaining and inclusive. We refuse to use the race or ethnic background of a person that is the subject of an article unless the article directly relates to that racial or ethnic makeup. We also strive to give an equal standing to all parties an article is about or that play important roles, however, that is often difficult to do with titles in which case we strive to make up for any omissions or summaries by giving more space to that person or entity inside of the article. An example is: If a famous Texan and their spouse do something worthy of note on our website, we’ll try and explain that in the title, but we may not be able to due to character restrictions on various platforms. In that case we would include the famous Texan’s name in the title and expound upon their spouse in the article as best as we can to fit the subject.

***As of May 14th, 2021 the special guideline below has been nullified. We are leaving it here for reference, but will no longer require safety precautions be mentioned in our articles or be enforced by a business / host venue.***

7. COVID-19 / Sars-CoV-2 Coronavirus Special Guidelines: We will not promote any events, places, or businesses that are either closed during the pandemic, that encourage ignoring safety precautions such as wearing a face mask, or where avoiding the virus is nearly impossible (i.e. large groups or packed crowds). This section of our Guidelines will be removed once health officials tell us the pandemic has ended or that large groups of people are safe again.