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Texas is Life Shirt


This is the new unofficial shirt of Texas.

Put on this shirt and you’re automatically as badass as the heroes of the Alamo, Emmitt Smith, Walker Texas Ranger, Simone Biles, Francis Hamer, Ross Perot, and Chris Kyle combined.

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Texas is Life, there ain’t a better state in the USA or a better place to live in the whole world. This shirt is the way to tell everyone exactly how you feel. Wear this shirt to your local HEB, on your way to get a Whataburger, when taking selfies in blue bonnets, making a run for beaver nuggets at Buc-ee’s, while watching a rodeo in Houston, going two-stepping in Fort Worth, strolling down the river walk in San Antonio, moving out of Waco, working with your hands in Midland & Odessa, eating kolaches in West, when shopping in Dallas; or it’s even the perfect shirt to wear when you go to Austin if that’s your thing.

Have you ever bought a shirt online or at a gift shop that was itchy, heavy, and plain uncomfortable? Yeah, our shirt ain’t like those. Your skin will love this shirt almost as much as you love Texas. It’s made out of ridiculously soft, super fine, cotton jersey material, so your skin will breathe in every season Texas throws at you even Summer, Hell’s Front Porch, and Second Summer. It’s not just your skin, wearing this amazingly comfortable shirt will give you a noticeable Texas swagger and more confidence than you can shake a stick at.

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