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Return Policy

This is the return policy for products sold by via the Texas is Life Shop or via any of our social media profiles. This policy does not apply to products or merchandise sold by our team at in-person events, festivals, etc…

We want to keep our policy incredibly simple: If you’re not happy with your purchase, we’ll issue you 100% refund. This refund guarantee does not have a time limit after purchase. There are, however, a few rules that apply to obtain your full refund.

1. When returning a product for a full refund you must take photos of the product and send them to us privately to show what about the product you did not like (i.e. misaligned print, poor quality color, broken product, incorrect product, etc…). Currently we’re requesting all product photos (or a video) be sent via private message to the Texas is Life Facebook page found at this URL:

2. You must return the product via USPS mail to our address:
c/o Texas is Life
16135 Preston Rd. Suite 213TEX
Dallas, TX 75248

In your return shipment please include a hand-written or typed note that includes:
A. Why you’re returning the product
B. If you have sent photos or videos to us yet
C. If you want a new version of the product without defects shipped to you

3. We aggressively research return fraud and will take all action necessary to defend ourselves from fraudulent returns. Specifically Texas is Life dos not condone or accept returns attempting to use the “Wardrobing” method of return fraud where a customer purchases a product, wears it take social media photos, and then returns it expecting a full refund. Read more about this type of fraud on Wikipedia here:

4. We reserve the right to issue a partial refund in specific cases. For example if you have returned several products and all of the returns appear to be normal and without defect when they arrive, we may lower your refund amount on future purchases all the way to 0%.