About Our Products

The following is to help you, our loyal fans, understand the products sold in the Texas is Life shop.

1. All products in our shop are either Made in Texas or Designed in Texas. This will often be denoted in the full description below the product. Products designed in Texas may be based on materials sourced internationally or from other parts of the U.S.

2. Most products currently sold in our shop are created using a process known as “Direct to Garment”(DTG) or “Direct to Product”(DTP) printing. These methods allow us to create products on-demand and in a wider variety of colors and styles at a lower cost. DTG and DTP products may not be printed or made in Texas, but will always be printed or made somewhere in the USA.

3. We vigorously test all base materials for our products and only use the absolute best available, often paying a premium price for those base materials to ensure a high-quality end product for you. For example if you’ve ever seen a Texas t-shirt in an airport shop you may have noticed it felt low quality or had an odd fit. We don’t use those shirt brands or materials to make our shirts.

4. There are some caveats with DTG and DTP printing. The largest one is a lack of direct quality assurance by us at Texas is Life. Since we use several vendors across the USA to produce and ship our products we do not have the ability to directly ensure a perfect quality product is shipped out to you. This means there’s a slightly higher than normal chance that you’ll get a misaligned product, low quality print, or have other issues with your order. When this happens we give a 100% refund, ship a new copy of the shirt, and do our best to make sure you only get the best quality Texas product. We only ask that you provide a photo of the shirt so we can use that to evaluate our relationship with the vendor.

5. As our sales grow and improve we’re in talks with Texas-based vendors to make screenprint versions of our most popular designs and shirt color combinations to ensure we’re always offering the best quality product at an affordable price.

6. We’re committed to keeping the number of ads on our website and news articles as low as possible, especially from California-based tech companies like Google and Facebook. Selling high-quality merchandise through our store helps us continue paying writers to cover all the great things about Texas while sticking to this commitment.