New Groundbreaking AI-Tech Company Emerges in Dallas, TX

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According to a press release a new AI-tech company has emerged out of Dallas, TX instead of the usual California. The platform allows real humans to turn themselves into a chatbot which they can offer to fans, friends, or family to talk to for free or for a small fee.

The new platform is called MindRoomAI and it seeks to be a place where humans can have fruitful conversations with AI chatbots created by other humans. Right now to help demonstrate the platform all users who signup can chat with realistic bots representing Benjamin Franklin, a famous American statesmen; Nikola Tesla, a famous Croatia-born inventor who created alternating current electricity which we still use today; Frederick Douglass, a former-slave turned author and American statesmen; and Susan B. Anthony, leader of the American women’s suffrage movement.

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Users who signup for a free account can request to become creators granting them access to the platform’s powerful AI tools to create their own chatbot. The system allows bots to be trained on a wide-array of different data including social media content, video transcripts, personal data, blog posts, website links, and questionnaires built into the platform directly. There are an infinite number of ways a chatbot can be used from talking about your life and sharing your own personal insights to new friends and fans to helping humans better understand your expertise and thoughts on subjects.

The platform is designed from the ground-up to ensure humans and creators have agency over their likeness. For example a comic artist could make a chatbot representing one of their characters and they would own the rights to that bot or a human could make a bot to represent themselves and they would have ownership of that bots engagements. The bots do a great job of recommending a content creators content links too including blog posts, YouTube videos, etc…

This makes MindRoomAI a perfect fit for content creators and celebrities who want to have meaningful engagements with their fans and can serve as a new revenue stream for many of them. It’s also a great fit for individuals who own a small business to help talk to and qualify potential new customers.

mindroomai chat with frederick douglass chatbot

We reached out and talked to the founder, Dallas-based Joe Youngblood, and he told us that this is just the basic version of the platform that more tools and features were on the way as well as more models based on historical figures. Their mission is to make AI accessible to everyone within a singular platform, similar to how YouTube made uploading videos open to everyone and Social Media made making your voice heard open to everyone.

One of the features he told us about is the ability to review and update your bot’s responses. If someone talks to your bot about something and they get it wrong a human user can flag the conversation and the bot’s creator can go through and add a correct response to the bot’s training data.

We are excited to see this kind of ground-breaking innovation emerge here in Texas first. What do y’all think?

Featured photo the MindRoomAI logo courtesy of MindRoomAI, screenshots by Texas is Life

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