Elon Musk Says He is Founding a New City – Starbase, TX

spacex mars base illustration

It’s Texas Indepdendence Day and new Texan Elon Musk made an odd announcement. He’s going to found a new city in Texas.

“Creating the city of Starbase, Texas
From thence to Mars,
And hence the Stars.” – Elon Musk

Elon has a habit of posting odd things to Twitter that are largely jokes or memes. Is this a serious endeavor he is taking on? If so where would that city be?

The most likely answer is that SpaceX is eyeing taking over the entire Boca Chica, TX region and renaming it Starbase, TX. By all accounts we can find renaming an entire city is a bit of a bureacratic nightmare that could take several years to clear all of the necessary levels of government.

It appears Elon is hoping that Starbase, TX becomes the hub for astronauts and eventually tourists to visit Mars. Which would be pretty freaking cool for Texas to have NASA and Starbase, TX.

Texans have so many questions already like:

  • Would the city be built to resemble Star Fleet headquaters in the popular Star Trek series?
  • Would it be built to resemble the Clear Lake area where NASA is located?
  • Will it look more like the future Mars bases SpaceX wants to build?
  • Will this be the new must move to city for Californians fleeing their state?

Nothing is certain at the moment, not even if this is a real mission for Elon.

Featured image via SpaceX / Elon Musk depicting a possible future Mars colony