Pat Green and Friends Are Performing a Live Streaming Concert for Texas Independence Day

pat green texas independence day concert 2021 announcement

Yesterday Pat Green made a quick announcement on his Facebook page that the Texas country musician would be hosting a free live streaming concert on Facebook Live for Texas Independence Day.

In the post Pat says “friends” will join him for the show, but doesn’t even leave a hint as to who that might be. He also alludes that the show will have more than a few guest appearances.

We dug around and found an earlier post from Pat that explains who the friends are. The live streaming show will feature:

  • Aaron Watson
  • Casey Donahew
  • Bri Bagwell
  • John Abbott
  • Kevin Fowler
  • Kolby Cooper
  • Mason Lively
  • Randall King
  • Randy Rogers
  • Wade Bowen

Be sure to check it out at 8pm Texas time on March 2nd, Texas Independence Day (that’s today for y’all newcomers).

Why this is COVID-safe

  • It’s a live streaming online concert

Link to Pat Green’s Facebook page:

Featured image a screenshot from Pat Green’s announcment video embedded above