“Hugging Booths” Allow These Texas Seniors To Safely Connect With Their Family


During these past few months, we’ve all missed being able to hug and spend quality time with our elderly loved ones who live in nursing homes.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is allowing limited visitation at long-term care facilities, but it’s still not safe to touch our loved ones.

That’s why Texans Amber and Steve Crenshaw got to work and designed a hugging booth made of materials that won’t transmit COVID-19.

Thanks to them, we can finally embrace our elderly family members again without putting their health at risk.

The hugging booths have a divider with four holes and special plastic sleeves that you and your family member can put your arms through to hold each other tight.

The divider and the sleeves get disinfected after every use to ensure that the booths are COVID-safe.

Participants usually wear face masks too so that respiratory droplets have no chance of getting through.

So far the hugging booths are only at Unlimited Care Cottages, an assisted living facility here in Texas.

Given how much the residents and their families have loved them, we bet that they’ll start showing up in nursing homes throughout the country very soon.