Whataburger Has Beaten In-N-Out in a National Restaurant Ranking

whataburger krusty krab in-n-out chum bucket meme

USA Today created a list of the best “Regional Fast Food Restaurants” ranking our beloved Texas original, Whataburger, at #3. The interloper In-N-Out came in at #5 on the list meaning that according to whoever decided to put this list together at USA Today (they don’t really explain the rankings, like at all), Whataburger beats out In-N-Out.

We gotta agree with that logic, but who beat Whataburger on the list? #2 on the list is a Tennessee based hamburger joint called “Pal’s Sudden Service”. The #1 restaurant was “Habit Burger” another California establishment.

We demand a recount USA TODAY!

Here’s the List along with where each restaurant was founded

Top Regional Fast Food Restaurants in the USA

  1. Habit Burger – Santa Barbara, CA
  2. Pal’s Sudden Service – Kingsport, TN
  3. Whataburger – Corpus Christi, TX
  4. Sheetz – Altoona, PA
  5. In-N-Out – Baldwin Park, CA
  6. Quaker Steak & Lube – Sharon, PA
  7. Cook Out – Greensboro, NC
  8. Krystal – Chattanooga, TN
  9. Culver’s – Sauk City, WI
  10. Biscuitville – Burlington, NC