[Video] Watch Luka Dončić of the Dallas Mavericks Hit an Insane Buzzer Beating Game Winning Shot

luka doncic 3-point floater game winning shot screenshot video

Luka Dončić just keeps finding new ways to impress and amaze us with is basketball talent or what his fans have started calling “Luke Magic”. Tonight, he took it up another notch. You have to watch this or honestly it’s kind of hard to even believe.

Yeah, you just saw that correctly. He beat a 2 man trap then tossed a 3-point floater shot that beat the buzzer and sunk to give the Mavs the win.

Twitter exploded with MFFL’s, NBA fans, and just normal regular every day folks reacting to this incredible feat.

“Luka Doncic really just said “are you not entertained?!””

“WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Cmon Luka Doncic you ain’t serious man!!”

“I keep watching this Luka Doncic shot and it keeps getting more and more insane…”

“What else can we say about Luka? #JUMPMAN”

“Luka Doncic ladies & gentleman”

“Memphis Grizzlies fans when Luka Doncic made that game winner”

I think USA Today Sports summed it up best though.

“Luka Doncic is good at basketball.”

Yes, that he is indeed!

Featured image a screenshot of the video posted to Twitter by the Dallas Mavericks