New Pizzeria is Opening Soon in Preston Center in Dallas


Pizza lovers, prepare for Carina Pizzeria, which will open at the end of October in Preston Center at 6005 Berkshire Lane. It is located across from Target, taking over the storefront once home to Be Raw, which closed four years ago.

Carina Pizzeria is the creation of baker Eugene Plyako, who runs a well-known cottage bakery where his stunning sourdough loaves of bread, holiday loaves, and ethnic pastries have earned him points in foodie circles in Dallas.

Plyako came to the U.S. in the early ’90s as a Ukrainian refugee and previously worked in the tech industry.

Once he arrived in this country, Plyako discovered his love for cooking while creating delicious meals for family gatherings. During the Covid pandemic, he baked sourdough bread and began to sell bread from home. He made everything from English muffins to Swedish cardamom walnut buns to Turkish-style braided sourdough bagels, dipped into grape molasses and coated in sesame seeds. Plyako also mastered a unique roll from Puglia, Italy, called the Puccia.

For his pizzeria, Plyako is taking inspiration from the street foods of southern Italy, specifically, the regions of Puglia and Sicily, focusing on thin-crust Roman-style pizzas made from naturally leavened dough using Montana semolina flour, sea salt, and olive oil.

The menu offers creative pizza options. The trademark Carina pizza will be a white pizza with aged mozzarella, shaved pear, caramelized onion, hot honey, and pistachios.

Carina Pizzeria’s opening menu will feature 10-inch personal-size pizzas. The cost will be $7 for a basic marinara with tomato, garlic, basil, and optional Parmesan. It will cost around $12 for the Albina, a white pizza with aged mozzarella, artichoke hearts, smoked Gouda, caramelized onion, and arugula.

Another major highlight on the menu is his delicious fries made with chickpeas, served with a vegan aioli. This is thick rectangles made with chickpea flour, crisp and charred on the outside, moist inside.

The owner is currently hiring staff and putting the finishing touches on the space, intending to open at the end of October.


  • Carina Pizzeria
  • Address: 6005 Berkshire Lane, Dallas 75225
  • Phone: 214-774-9747
  • Website:

Map to Carina Pizzeria

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