[Video] Watch Fighter Jets Fly Over Starbase, TX (SpaceX Launch Site)

fighter jets over starbase texas elon musk

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy you a fleet of fighter jets to fly over your rocket launch site.

Recently minted Texan, billionaire, and online trolling expert Elon Musk appears to have had a nice weekend. Instead of smoking brisket, watching preseason football, or drinking the Grape Punch Pickle Beer like most Texans this past weekend; Elon decided to take a little flight.

He posted a really short video clip on Saturday evening of what appears to be him and a crew of jet fighter pilots flying over his testing and launch facility in Boca Chica, TX that he’s named Starbase, TX.

The 19 second video had 2.8 million views as of press time and shows 4 fighter jets flying in a tight formation buzzing right over Starbase at a fairly low altitude. That’s it, that’s the whole video. The video (btw, turn the sound off or way down) also shows off the gorgeous Texas coastline glistening in the sun like many other videos from Elon and SpaceX.

When he posted the video Elon said “Flying over Starbase” which you think wouldn’t really be inviting of controversy but of course it’s Twitter and trolls never take a day off. One verified commenter who works as an anchor for CNN demanded that Elon should be in the Afghanistan war zone evacuating people and another asked why he took a short flight instead of solving all of the world’s problems on a Saturday evening.

We have no idea where the jets came from, but Elon is closely connected to a private company that owns various decomissioned fighter jets that are used in pilot training.

Big cowboy hats off to the pilots in this video, flying in such a tight formation can be dangerous and difficult.

Featured photo a screenshot from the video posted by Elon Musk above