Dr Pepper Fans Argued Over What Food Pairs Best With the Beverage


Texans tend to agree that Dr Pepper is the best soft drink, but are fiercely divided on the best food pairing for the classic drink.

Dr Pepper recently asked fans on Twitter which meals compliment the soda best and got dozens of replies. The most popular answers seemed to be Whataburger and Texas BBQ, which are two food pairings we can definitely get behind!

Around 22 Dr Pepper fans said that they like to enjoy their soda with a burger or chicken sandwich from Whataburger. Their comments received a total of 244 likes, so quite a few people agree that Whataburger is the superior pairing!

We were drooling over some of the replies. We wish we were sipping on a Dr Pepper and munching on a bacon jalapeƱo cheeseburger right now!

Another comment that made us salivate was this picture of BBQ ribs and bacon wrapped jalapeƱo poppers.

These ribs are a fine example of Texas BBQ, which 19 people say is their favorite Dr Pepper pairing. Nearly 90 people liked their comments in agreement.

Another suggestion that didn’t rank as highly but is delicious nonetheless is Fletcher’s corny dogs.

Corny dogs only garnered a total of 16 likes, but we think they deserved much more!

Another unsung combination is Mexican food and Dr Pepperā€”only six people mentioned eating tacos with their soda.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you eat with your soda, because everything tastes delicious when paired with Dr Pepper!

Featured image from Dr Pepper’s InstagramĀ page