New Souffle Pancake Dessert Chain Opens in Frisco

Signature pancake image from the Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe website.

Who is in for some fluffy souffle pancakes and sugary delight? Frisco recently welcomed a new popular dessert chain called Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe. The café serves a Japanese rendition of a pancake made with lightly cooked egg whites for extra fluff.

The well-known dessert franchise, which started in Canada, has branches in China, the UK, and the United States. As of 2023, it is North America’s biggest souffle pancake chain.

Since its founding in Ontario, the café’s most well-liked dish is souffle pancakes. The chain offers 15 kinds of souffle pancakes. Stacks of two pancakes come with an array of toppings, including fruits, sauces, and other garnishes. Customers can try flavors like Cookies & Cream, Tiramisu, Blueberry Cheese, Strawberry, and Crème Brulee, to name a few.

One appealing and delicious menu item is a chocolate croissant waffle with chocolate and whipped cream on top. Various Basque cheesecakes are also available, created by an underbaked inside and a slightly charred top. Roll cakes and macarons boast distinctively Asian tastes. Enjoy everything with a hot cup of coffee or an iced bubble tea.

Customers should know that baking these souffle pancakes takes 30 to 40 minutes from order to table. But with some patience, a delicious pancake will be made to order just for you to enjoy.


  • Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe
  • Address: 9244 Prestmont Pl., Ste. 210, Frisco, TX 75035
  • Website:

Map to Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe

Featured image shows the Signature pancake from the Fluffy Fluffy Dessert Cafe website.