36 Photos and Videos That Show How Texans Are Handling The Extreme Winter

texas extreme winter photos and videos

Winter Storm Uri has blanketed nearly the entire state in sub-freezing temps, snow, and ice. Plunging temps pushed millions of Texans into darkness, burst water pipes in homes and businesses, and caused frightening accidents on our streets and highways. Through it all many Texans have kept up their spirits by takings pictures, pulling off stunts, creating memes, and trying to make the best of it all.

From heartbreaking, to hilarious, to breathtaking here is how Texans are experiencing the extreme winter conditions.

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1. Waiting in long lines on snow covered roads to get Whataburger

2. There are icicle ceiling fans in apartment hallways

3. Water pipes are busting in homes causing flooding

4. Some Texans are doing the “Snow Angel Challenge”

5. In Austin, TX some folks are walking on I-35

I-35 in Austin, 2/16/21. Photo courtesy Nathan Gogo. from texas

6. Playgrounds are covered in ice

7. Some trucks are being completed burried in snow

Say that Texans are overreacting one more time. from texas

8. Can’t drive to the H-E-B? No problem just walk it and hang out in line with other Texans

9. Dads are standing on their frozen pools

10. Some Texans are even playing hockey like some kind of Canadians

11. Crawfish pots double as great ways to bath your kids with melted snow water

12. Some are making large “art” pieces in the snow

13. Water fountains are freezing over in parks

14. Some Texans are using their drones to showcase how the blackouts are impacting residential neighborhoods versus downtown districts like this one in Austin, TX

I took my drone out last night. An island of light (Downtown Austin) amid a sea of blackout… from texas

15. Filling a bathtub with snow to melt and save for toilet flushing is a thing right now

16. Camping in your living room is one way to help stave off the cold

17. Adding an indoor waterfall is as easy as not letting your pipes drip during the freeze.

18. Some Texans are taking advantage of frozen public trails for sledding.

19. Water pipes in parking garages are bursting, freezing, and trapping cars.

Texas 2021 from texas

20. A few Texans are even breaking out sick snowboarding moves

Snowboarding in… Texas? from texas

21. Building massive blanket forts for the family

The evolution of New Alamo, our monstrosity of a blanket fort after 51 hours without power. Currently home to five. from texas

22. Taking a little time to help each other out.

23. Getting resourceful to get down the ice covered stairs

24. Gawking at once-in-a-lifetime snow on Galveston beach

25. Driving through blinding snowy highways

26. Dealing with water freezing in the bathtub

27, 28, and 29. Dealing with frozen toilets

frozen toilet in dallas during 2021 winter storm

30. Enjoying luxorious frozen hot tubs

31. Playing with the family on their frozen pools

32. Trying to drip water in the faucet, but it freezes

33. Building makeshift snow plows

Since we seem to be lacking snow shovels… from texas

34. Using their expert bbq skills to grill water

Smoked water in texas, his do this just to flush the toilet in this crazy weather. from texas

35. Outdoor waterfall from a third floor apartment pipe bursting.

This is the water pouring out of my third floor apartment. The ceiling collapsed from a broken pipe gushing water. Iโ€™m one of the many newly homeless in Dallas. from texas

36. Finally, celebrating when the power comes back on

McAllen finally got power again! WOOOOO! from texas