Buc-ee’s Will Soon Be Installing Tesla Superchargers

bucees tesla logo combined

That did not take long.

A little over a month after Tesla officially announced they would be moving their headquarters to Texas, the most iconic brand in electric vehicles is already planning a partnership with the most iconic name in gasoline fueling stations in Texas – Buc-ee’s.

Twitter user @MarcoRPTesla unearthed a legal agreement between the two Texas brands on their new collaboration defining what Buc-ee’s locations the superchargers will be installed at.

This is great news for Tesla owners in Texas (and soon to be Ford F-150 Lightning, CyberTruck, and Hummer EV owners probably). Not only do electric car owners get more options for charging across Texas, but Buc-ee’s just makes more sense than other gas stations.

Why does Buc-ee’s make the most sense? Well, electric cars have one sizable flaw compared to their gasoline combustion counterparts – they take a lot longer to charge (as opposed to filling up). A typical electric car could take 15 minutes of charge to get 200 miles of range. To fully charge a Tesla for a long road trip it could be a 30 minute wait or longer. If you have that much time to kill you might want to be somewhere big with a lot of things to peruse.

The deal is currently for 26 Buc-ee’s locations and includes 16 here in Texas. The other 10 are spread out across 6 other states. The Tesla superchargers will likely ultimately come to nearly all Buc-ee’s locations, but for now they will be available in these states:

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

Absolutely love it when Texas brands team up, but even more so when it will benefit so many Texans traveling across our great state.

Thanks Y’all:
This article was partly based on a story by Johnna Crider of Cleantechnica titled “Tesla & Buc-Ee’s Plans For Superchargers Span 26 Stores In 7 States”. Thanks Johnna!

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