A Tiger Was on the Loose Recently in San Antonio

tiger standing
  • A man in San Antonio says he borrowed a tiger from his friend to show off at his house.
  • The tiger was able to jump his backyard fence into a neighbor’s yard where it was seen walking around.
  • The tiger has supposedly been returned to its owner and is no longer running around.

It all started when a lady called 311 to inform them that she had a tiger in the backyard of her home near Pearsall Park in Southwest San Antonio.

When animal control and police arrived the tiger was already (thankfully) gone from the backyard. After a brief investigation San Antonio police were able to track down the man who had the tiger at his home when he confessed to borrowing the animal to show off before it escaped.

According to the man, his friend has several captive tigers. San Antonio Animal Control will continue investigating in hopes of keeping more tigers from getting loose.

Thanks Y’all
This story was originally reported by Andrea Carden of News 4 San Antonio. Read the News 4 SA Article here.

Featured image by A G on Unsplash

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