FC Dallas Serves a Massive Taco at their Home Games

fc dallas monster taco

Suddenly I have an interest in soccer…

FC Dallas, the Major League Soccer team in ‘Dallas’ which plays in Frisco, has the taco internet going crazy this week with their “monster taco”. Before their playoff match with Minnesota United FC earlier this week a cameraman became obsessed with a fan in the stands eating a gigantic taco and the announcers discussed it saying “everything is bigger in Texas, even that tacos” and that it was so large it looks like it came in a pizza box. The video quickly went viral among Texans and taco enthusiasts.

Watch the video here:

The “monster taco” is a crispy 12-inch flour tortilla filled with shredded barbacoa, shredded cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and hot sauce. It’s also a dream taco for taco lovers everywhere. The taco is served at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, home of the FC Dallas soccer team, which means you sort of have to go watch a soccer match in order to give it a try.

The worst news is that the now viral taco probably is out of reach until next MLS season since the league is in their second round of playoffs and FC Dallas is playing away for their next match (in Austin). If they win there’s a chance that one more game will be played at Toyota Stadium this season, if not you’ll have to wait until next year.

Featured image the monster taco courtesy of FC Dallas

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