New Korean Restaurant to Open in Round Rock


Are you curious to try stuffed tofu pockets? A new Korean restaurant called Ghama Zone Korean Food will open in Round Rock on February 1, 2024. The new eatery will be housed at 118 East Main Street.

The restaurant will serve traditional and modern Korean cuisine. Starters include sauteed and marinated fried chicken, boiled egg, seafood pancakes, rice balls, and potato pancakes. Ghama Zone offers a delicious meat menu, including Jjimdak or Korean braised chicken, braised short ribs, Dak Galbi or spicy stir-fried chicken, and Bulgogi or fire meat, which is thin, marinated slices of beef grilled on a barbecue. These are just a few of the JJim meat offerings. Customers can also try Ggochi Fried with selections like shrimp, chicken thighs, crab sticks, boiled eggs, rice cakes, onion, tofu, and sweet potatoes.


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Ghama Zone also serves kimbob and pockets. From kimchi shrimp, tuna salad, and fried salmon to Crazy Pork and Crazy Chicken and avocado mayo with cucumber, this large kimbob menu selection is made with cooked rice and ingredients like meat and vegetables rolled in seaweed. The menu also offers soups like beef rib soup and spicy stew soup.

The restaurant also offers Korean wines like Original Makkoli, Grape Makkoli, and Peach Makkoli, and rice and herbal wines like Se Ju, Chung Ha, and 100 Billion Makkoli, to name a few. Of course, customers can also order a Miller Light or a Corona.

The chef and owner of Ghama Zone is Peter Kim. This traditional restaurant presents a cozy, neighborly ambience that serves quality, high-end, but affordable Korean dishes.

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  • Ghama Zone Korean Food
  • Address: 118 East Main Street, Round Rock, TX 78664
  • Phone: 512-551-2001

Map to Ghama Zone

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