New Rockwall Donut Shop Serves Delish Mini Donuts and Other Treats

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Rockwall is the new home to Sugar Llamas, a mini-donut shop that serves a yummy assortment of mini donuts, ice cream, and coffee. The brand-new shop stands at 6601 Horizon Road in Rockwall, and the grand store opening is Saturday, January 13, 2024.

Guests can try new donut flavors, Red Bull Mixers, hot chocolates, coffees, and a fantastic offering of mini donuts. Mini donuts are topped with a choice of drizzle, toppings, and ice cream, and the store boasts that they serve the best coffees in town.

The chain called Sugar Llamas was established in Tulsa in 2021. It is growing in neighboring states like Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Arizona, with six locations in Oklahoma. They opened their first establishment in Keller in 2023, marking their Texas debut.

The store menu focuses on mini doughnuts that are custom-made and served warm. Guests can choose from plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa. Customers can add drizzles and toppings in combinations, such as the Flintstone with vanilla drizzle and Fruity Pebbles or Sopapilla with cinnamon sugar and honey.

A single donut costs 88 cents, and a dozen is $8.45.

The shop also offers ice cream in 12 flavors, which comes on a sugar cone or combined with the doughnuts in dessert concoctions. Examples include the Llama Smash, with ice cream sandwiched between a bundt cake, and the Summit, a tower of six mini donuts with ice cream.

Additionally, they offer a full-service coffee bar with an extensive selection of hot and iced coffee drinks, as well as creative non-coffee beverages, such as the frosted Llamanade, a blend of lemonade with ice and vanilla ice cream, and Red Bull Mixers, with optional boba.

The colorful space features a turquoise concrete stain floor that seats 30, with booths and tables. The shop has a drive-thru conveniently across the street from Dorothy Smith Pullen Elementary School and Cain Middle School.


  • Sugar Llamas
  • Address: 6601 Horizon Rd, Rockwall, TX
  • Phone: 469.338.3295

Map to Sugar Llamas

Featured image from the Sugar Llamas Rockwall Facebook Page.