World’s Largest 3D Printed Home Community Will Break Ground in Austin in 2022

#D printed house community in Austin

Would you ever consider living in a 3D printed home?

100 3D printed homes are currently being built and will be the first, and largest of its kind in the world. Austin-based company ICON and Lennar collaborates and in this incredible project breaking ground in 2022. ICON’s Vulcan construction, is a system that uses robotic machines that are controlled creating layers of what they call, a “Lavacrete”. Lavacrete is a proprietary mix by ICON from a Portland Cement-base.

3D printed homes use less waste, cost effective and energy efficient, says ICON. You can have your home constructed in about a week, saving you time, and money. Designs are customizable and engineered from the ground up.

These unique homes are even expected to last longer than conventionally built ones. Lennar promises to deliver homes that are technology-driven, yet practical and affordable. Are 3D printed homes the future of home building? It’s a revolutionary approach that we’re all excited to see unfold. Get updates on this unique project on ICON’s official website.

Featured image: Courtesy of ICON’s official site