Texans Voted on the Best Beverages for Cold Winter Weather

winter beverages

We asked Texans in our Texas Foodies Facebook Group to vote on the best beverages to enjoy with winter weather as the Polar Vortex cold front smacked into most of Texas this week.

The resulting list is full of delicious drink ideas for your time by the fireplace or huddled up next to your space heater watching a movie.

  1. Hot Coacoa / Hot Chocolate
  2. Hot Coffee
  3. Whiskey / Whisky
  4. Hot Apple Cider
  5. Ice Cold Beer
  6. Egg Nog
  7. Spiked Egg Nog
  8. Hot Sweet Tea
  9. Hot Bourbon Cider
  10. Tequila
  11. Hot Buttered Rum
  12. Hot Buttered Bourbon
  13. Hot Toddy
  14. Pumpkin Spice White Russian
  15. Peppermint Mudslide
  16. Winter Spiced Old Fashioned
  17. Glühwein / Spiced Wine
  18. Cold Brew Coffee
  19. Dr Pepper
  20. Margaritas
  21. Jalapeño Margaritas
  22. Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate
  23. Malibu Rum Hot Chocolate
  24. Wassail
  25. Coffee w/ Whiskey
  26. Sweet Iced tea

The poll is still live and members can vote on it for a few more days. We will update this article with the final rankings.

Please note: Members can add new options to the poll, but we do not count joke or prank options in our final listing here.

Featured image a compliation of photos using a photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash and a photo by Any Lane on Pexels.