You Can Meet Krampus at a Haunted Doll House in San Antonio

couple meets krampus in san antonio, tx

The Santa Claus legend in Central Europe’s Alpine region goes that Santa brings toys to all the good girls and boys, but the naughty kids are punished by Santa’s work colleague Krampus who scares them and hits them with wooden rods.

That’s right, instead of getting lumps of coal – a useful sedimentary rock that generates warmth and even electricity – kids in Europe’s Alpine region that don’t make Santa’s nice list get visited by the Krampus who whacks them with birch rods and scares them in hopes they’ll be good the next year.

Krampus has now made his way to Texas where he is ready to punish naughty adults and for some reason has made his American home in San Antonio inside of the “Retro Fun Store & Museum” a haunted house full of creepy dolls and other things. The house was built in the 1930’s and today is home to a large volume of dolls all over the home which you can explore including a haunted doll cemetery and an abandoned doll carnival.

Krampus is only available until 6pm on the 23rd of December when he will be going back home and doing other antics. They have promised to keep fans updated on his off-season via their Instagram page and have told us that Krampus will return next year to San Antonio so mark your calendars.

Until then the museum is gearing up for other themed events like a creepy Easter egg hunt, a series of Valentine’s events called “Love you to death”, and other themed characters.

You can also get haunted tours year, a scary story time, and puppet show year round at the museum.


  • Address: 619 W Hildebrand Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Until December 23rd

Map to the Retro Fun Store & Museum

Featured photo via Anthony Torres of Red Diamond Method