There’s a Texas Themed House for Sale in Grapevine, TX (And You Can Take a Virtual Tour)

texas pride house in grapevine, tx

You might love Texas, but do you love Texas enough to buy this Texas-themed house for over a half million dollars? Check out the photos then tour the house virutally (link at the bottom)

The 3 bedroom, 2 and half bathroom house is located in Grapevine, TX and is decked out in pure Texas pride inside and out.

The Texas theme starts with the outside of the house which is painted in the colors of the Texas flag; red, white, and blue. There’s even a big lonestar flag painted on the garage door in back so you can see the flag of Texas every morning when you leave for work and every evening when you come home.

texas themed house with flag painted on garage
This Texas themed house is painted in the colors of the Texas flag and has a big Texas flag painted on the garage door.

The exterior paint is not the only way this house shows off its Texas pride. Inside of the 2,107 square foot home the Texas pride continues on the inside of the house too. Like the outside of the home, the interior uses the colors of the Texas flag often in bold strokes making most of a room one color or using the red or blue as a highlight color in a largley white color space.

In one of the bathrooms the shower is tiled to resemble the Texas flag. Another bathroom is all white except for the Texas flag shower curtain. The half bath is is mostly white with red highlight paint.

shower tiled to resemble the texas state flag
Showering here daily would be an absolute dream come true for any Texan.

Over in the kitchen red is used as a highlight color in the counter top and on the bar stools against a white backdrop of cabinets and brushed metal appliances. The dining area adjacent to the kitchen uses blue for the highlight color around the white window trim and covering the cabinets and shelving.

The house even has a game room that is the perfect size for a pool table (probably not included) painted blue with white higlights and trim as well as matching red washer and dryers set against a blue painted wall with white trim.

Everywhere you look in this house you see Texas. The current owners even go so far as to have mostly red and blue furniture, red and blue rugs, metal lonestars, framed Texas flags, a Texas flag comforter in the master bedroom (which we are super jealous of btw), and a Texas welcome mat. Heck the only thing this house is really missing is a closet full of Texas is Life Texas t-shirts.

We’ve dubbed this the Texas Pride House and it can be yours for a measly $529,000 which isn’t really that much to show off your Texas pride every single day right?

To get more details on the house, see even more photos of this amazing home, or schedule a private viewing you will have to go to the listing at

Instructions to Take the Virtual Tour

If you don’t live in the Grapevine area you can still take a virtual tour of this home via the website. Look for the “3D Tour” icon below the photos like this: 3d tour icon

Click or tap this icon and you will get a 3D visual tour of the home that looks a little something like this:
texas pride house matterport 3d tour screenshot

Alternatively you can just CLICK HERE to open the 3D tour directly from Matterport to view the Texas Pride house on your mobile device, desktop computer, or VR headset.

Why this is COVID-safe

  • In lieu of an open house this is available for private viewing only
  • Virtual tours of the home do not require physical contact

Featured photo and all photos of the house courtesy of Screenshots by Texas is Life.