The San Antonio Zoo Will Name a Cockroach After Your Ex, Feed It To an Animal, and Send You a Customized Video

broken heart

I named a cockroach after my ex’s entire family…

The Zoo’s popular “Cry me a Cockroach” fundraiser is back this year. It’s the perfect way to express how you feel about your ex significant other, your boss laying you off, or your feelings towards ERCOT – all while helping the San Antonio Zoo raise funds to care for their animals.

Donate $5, $10, or $25 and the Zoo will name a vegetable, cockroach, or rodent after whoever you want and then offer it up to one of their zoo animals as a snack. Optionally you can provide the email for the person you have named your bug or other food item after and they will get a digital Valentine’s Day card letting them know that their name was given to a cockroach/rodent/vegetable and fed to an animal at the Zoo.

New last year and returning this year, donors can upgrade their donation for $150 and get a personalized video of the feeding. Only 50 donors will be able to get the new personalized video option this year, hurry and get it before the deal sells out!

The San Antonio Zoo has been doing the fundraiser since 2020 after the pandemic hit and made it harder to raise funds and kept the Zoo closed for awhile.

Anyone across Texas, the USA, and the whole world can participate in this fundraiser. Even if you just get the basic donation package it’s a great way to gain some closure for a good cause! That means folks in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Kansas, even California *shudder* can name a cockroach.

Go donate and get your video here:

Don’t have an ex? here are some other ideas:

  • Name it after ERCOT
  • Name it after California
  • Name it after your boss
  • Name it after that weird guy at the gym
  • Name it after that football team that keeps letting you down
  • Name it after that bum coach / gm of your favorite team
  • Name it after Vladamir Putin
  • Name it after a politican you don’t like
  • Name it after an influencer that annoys you

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Originally published: Feb 13, 2022
Updated: January 21, 2023

Featured photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash