Pluckers Wing Bar Opened Its Third San Antonio Location Last Week After Months of Delays

large plate of chicken wings with seasoning at Plucker's

Pluckers Wing Bar is expanding in San Antonio as it sees its third restaurant chain within Loop 410, adding to the existing USTA and Live Oak locations.

Set to serve its beloved dishes, such as the Holy Mac (a cooked macaroni with sauce and covered with breading) Pluckers had previously had a test run on Monday, February 7 at its new location. Giving avid food lovers a taste of what’s to come ahead of the business’ anticipated launch while also giving its staff better familiarization of the workflow.

“San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. As a rapidly expanding company, Pluckers is incredibly proud to contribute to the growth of this great city,” – Dave Paul, Pluckers Co-Founder

Adding to the excitement of the fresh opening, kids can dine for free every Tuesday at the new location. This added to its signature walls of TV’s, a spacious bar, a patio, and sports memorabilia, is part of why local San Antonian’s have come to love about this sports bar.

Featured image: Plucker’s Facebook