Franklin Barbecue Will Now Ship Brisket Straight To Your Home Anywhere in the USA

franklin barbecue whole brisket offer on goldbelly featured image

The global pandemic has brought much hardship to the whole country, but there’s a shining, smoky, delicious, lining on the horizon. Now Texans stuck at home, homesick Texans living abroad, or visitors who miss the taste of one of Texas’ most famous brisket smokers can have that mouth watering meat delivered straight to their home.

Austin, TX based Franklin Barbecue has teamed up with the company Goldbelly to ship their renowned brisket all across the country. The deal is a 5 lb brisket with a 15 oz. bottle of Texas barbecue sauce for $249, or about $50 per pound, with free shipping. That’s a little under what the normal charge for this meal would be in-person if you stood in line for a few hours to order a pound or two.

“What really gets us going — what really keeps us tending to the pits all night long — is the obsessive dedication to our very next customer.” – Franklin Barbecue

“At Franklin Barbecue, we’ve been humbled for years by praise that’ll make you blush. Honors, awards, and even a few nice things posted on the internet — we’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of lots of kind words. They’re neat and all, but what really gets us going — what really keeps us tending to the pits all night long — is the obsessive dedication to our very next customer. We take pride in giving our very best, every single day, to make sure every person who eats Franklin Barbecue is filled with happiness and satisfaction.” – Franklin Barbecue from the Goldbelly website.

Your order will come vacuum sealed so it’ll last for up to 90 days in the freezer or 10 days in your refrigerator. Once your hunger takes over simply heat it up in your oven or over low heat, slice, and serve.

The brisket offer was only announced in the past few days and is already sold out, so if you’re too far to drive to Franklin’s you’ll have to wait a bit to get your order in. Those who were fortunate enough to place their order won’t get their brisket until after Halloween, so consider this an early Christmas gift idea.

If Franklin’s is still sold out, plenty of other Texas BBQ joints have listings on Goldbelly including Salt Lick, Terry Black’s, Hard Eight, and Hutchin’s.

Order your brisket on the Goldbelly website here: Franklin Barbecue Whole Brisket Offer on Goldbelly

Featured image from the Franklin Barbecue page on Goldbelly