Plant-Based, Soft-Serve Ice Cream Shop in Oak Cliff Opening Soon

Featured image from Swirled Peace Instagram page @swirled.peace

Swirled Peace, a new soft-serve ice cream shop, will open soon in Dallas’ Oak Cliff, located at 309 W. 8th Street. A unique aspect about this ice cream shop is that it offers self-serve, soft-serve ice cream that is 100 percent plant-based.

Swirled Peace will reside in a Craftsman house that was previously an art gallery. The home features a big backyard, where people can relax and enjoy their ice cream. Founder Sara Saginaw aims to bring healthier, plant-based ice cream options to the area.

Customers will find six flavors of premium soft-serve ice cream, which is made fresh in-house. The soft-serve ice cream is oat milk-based from a recipe Saginaw created. The toppings bar includes fruit, nuts, candy, brownies, and more, which are all plant-based.

For soft-serve flavors, the shop will offer the staples of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, and flavors like peanut butter, white chocolate, and hazelnut, which will rotated continuously with other delicious new flavors.

There’s more than just ice cream. Customers can also get coffee, cappuccino, and infused milkshakes. The shop will showcase a new item – ceremonial cacao, which is minimally processed cacao with chocolate and cocoa butter, providing many health benefits.


  • Swirled Peace
  • 309 W. 8th Street, Dallas

Map to Swirled Peace