Indochine Bistro Brings an Extensive and Innovative Pan-Asian Menu to Oak Lawn Dallas


Indochine Bistro, a new Asian restaurant, recently opened in Dallas at 3211 Oak Lawn Avenue #B. Customers looking for Indochine-style comfort food and Southeast Asian flavors with various fish options should come to this brand-new innovative bistro.

The restaurant’s head chef is Vietnamese American Michael Bao Huynh, who has cooked wonderful meals at celebrity hangouts in New York and made appearances on Iron Chef and Master Chef Vietnam. Born in Saigon, Huynh left Vietnam in 1982 to pursue a career in design. In 2001, he launched Bao 111, a Vietnamese restaurant, in New York. Michael Bloomberg, a former mayor, Brad Pitt, Usher, and Naomi Campbell were among the famous diners. Between 2008 and 2013, Huynh launched a dozen restaurants in New York, including the sandwich shop Baoguette and the Asian burrito store Baoritto.

Huynh’s connection to the people behind Green Papaya, the beloved Vietnamese restaurant that debuted on Oak Lawn in 1999, led him to Indochine. Dylan Le took over in 2019 and changed the name to a plant-based eatery. After the plant-based idea failed, Le and Jessica Vo opened Indochine. Huynh’s strong reputation for cooking innovation resulted in the restaurant collaboration for Indochine.

The pan-Asian menu is extensive, with dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos. The rolls menu includes crab spring rolls, shrimp summer rolls, and chicken spring rolls. Customers can order chill appetizers like green papaya salad and BBQ chili shrimp salad. If you enjoy fish, try the sweet and sour whole red snapper and the fried crispy fish. Curry is on the menu, too. Customers can get Thai green curry and yellow curry. Chicken Pho and vermicelli bowl are just a few of the items on the noodle menu. A delicious main menu boasts caramelized salmon, wok-shaking dishes including beef filet, salmon, and chicken, and stirred fried dishes with beef, chicken, and shrimp. Rice dishes and vegetables are available, too.

In the future, Indochine Bistro seeks to expand into new cities while building a strong presence and brand in Dallas.


  • Indochine Bistro
  • Address: 3211 Oak Lawn Ave. B, Dallas
  • Phone: 214.774.9380
  • Website:

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